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We are Coco and Sebastian London! A small team of Creative professionals working in London across fields in Public Relations, the Arts, and Fashion Design. We produce high quality, beautifully designed scarves.

We came together in 2013 to build Coco and Sebastian London and exhibited at several high profile industry events, in London, Paris, India and beyond. Having worked with industry and the public we quickly realised we love the rapport we have with our customers and… they love our work!

So, take a look round our store. All our products are beautifully packaged and if you see something you like we’ll have it delivered to you as fast as shipping allows. We have two primary collations which are:

Wild Creatures

Wild Creatures is inspired by the effortless, timeless natural beauty of some of Earth’s iconic creatures. The artwork illustrates close up detail allowing you to unfold each scarf to reveal the animal within; from the hypnotic gaze of the Tiger to the quirky curiosity of the Ostrich – choose a scarf that reflects the colour, life and beauty of our world.

Abstract Cities

Abstract Cities, illustrates the energy, vibrancy and city-scape as it transitions from day to night. Each piece is inspired by a different city; from the palm trees of Miami to the vitality and colour of Rio – choose a scarf that revives memories of a trip or inspires a new one!

Leave a review, comment or get in touch with us via the contact page – we love to hear from you!

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