the fable

IN A BYGONE ERA of Ancient, Exotic India, Sebastian, a handsome travelling French Poet, was summoned by the local Maharaja for his entertainment and skills in poetry. Whilst within the palace walls, he was transfixed by the alluring beauty of Princess Coco, the Maharaja’s daughter, and over a period of several months these two young, free spirits fell deeply in love.

The love between Coco and Sebastian would never have been accepted by the Maharaja, and so late one evening under the cover of darkness, and guided by galaxy of distant stars and a brilliant moon, they eloped by sea. Sebastian promised that he would love and protect Princess Coco and show her the world she had read and dreamed about so much.

At that point they decided never to call one place home, but to travel and explore the world for as long as they breathed life in their bodies and had freedom in their hearts. 

During these travels Princess Coco unearthed her talent for artistry and they shared and inspired each others passion for poetry and art work. THIS Collection is inspired by their travels, and the different cultures, people and creatures that they encounted during their travels to exotic lands...

...Come and join us on the adventure. Coco and Sebastian... the story begins...